someone who kicks more ass than your everyday kickass.

Should not be confused with "kickaes*" (which refers to a balding, pre-med, physics major with a big ego.)
"I'm kickaes*."
- Debaduba
by Debaduba luver October 14, 2007
To send way, lend, or to give support to an individual
by Ianrmcarthur July 9, 2006
1. The one guy you always go back to when you desperatly need a hookup.
2. A girl who is crazy in the sack.
1. "are you to back together?", "Me & Nick? Naw hes just my kicka"
2. "I heard shes a major kicka when shes been drinking"
by R.e.e. December 24, 2003
slang for kickass
derived from shorthand "kicka--" and results from the elimination of the hyphens
"kicka" is such a kicka word
by thepanda December 11, 2006
A Aussie bogan mole of low class, fowl mouthed &with the temperament of a cassowary usually holding a beer
That clacka-kicka, always causing trouble at the pub, like a crazy cassowary on heat...
by SARCHANGELUS February 9, 2017
Poopy on the foot then inserted into one's ass for optimal pleasure. FDR was known to do this with the help of the secret service.
Lil' shit kickin never hurt anything, just shove it up in there.
by JohnJohnThePimp April 4, 2003
Random expression usually used by a girl when she’s teasing or flirting with a guy she likes. May be repeated a few times in a sing-song voice or with suggestive hand gestures. Note that the manner in which she presents them is more important than the words themselves.
Girl: (Mischievous grin) Boo kicka boo!
Guy: (Grinning back) Bow shika wow wow!
by Spirit-Chickadee December 6, 2010