an arabic male name

khalifa is a very (funny) guy, who hates (liars) af

he’s very kind and (very annoying) at the same time
he (enjoys) being stupid and silly, he usually doesn’t sleep a lot idk why

he (hates) life and he’s soooo (good) as a (friend)
👤: did you see khalifa today?

👤: nooo
by xxanonymoussx May 19, 2019
a funny chill male cute and a great bf he can act dumb but if he likes u he will be serious and love you with all his heart so if you have a Khalifa in your life keep him
wow is that Khalifa she's lucky to have him he is so cute
by factz only October 4, 2019
Living life the way Wiz Khalifa does. Smokin' good weed, fuckin' bad hoes (or dudes if you're a girl), makin' mad money.

More so: The Religion of Khalifa. Which includes smoking good bud, getting bankroll, and fucking bad bitches.
Let's roll up a plane and take lift off. EMBRACE OUR INNER KHALIFAISM!
by KUSHxOJ March 12, 2010
The second half of Cameron Jibril Thomaz's (Wiz Khalifa) stage name, originating from the Arabic word caliph meaning successor.
Hey did you hear that Wiz Khalifa got arrested?
by Kerolf August 1, 2011
Savage mofo who gives no fucks about anyone or anything and is called "King Savage" Dont fuck with this guy...
This guy is a total Khalifa
by asdkfhsdf April 12, 2017
To take a pee and a poop at the same time.

Comes from Wiz Khalifa who raps the song "black and yellow".
I gotta go Khalifa after all that fried chicken and grape soda.
by ihate everyone July 25, 2012