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The second half of Cameron Jibril Thomaz's (Wiz Khalifa) stage name, originating from the Arabic word caliph meaning successor.
Hey did you hear that Wiz Khalifa got arrested?
by Kerolf August 01, 2011

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A disorder in which internet users accumulate a large number of tabs in their browser as a result of not being able to delete them with ease.
I opened up Renee's computer and she had over 10 tabs open. She has tabbing disorder real bad!
by Kerolf January 02, 2012

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A relief of air expelled most commonly from the female genitalia. Producing a notable and distinct sound, the loudest queef recorded was created by a Michael while powerboating the Kiskiminatis(2018). Michaels have the rare ability to queef on comand.
Michael queefed so loud it put me to sleep.
by Kerolf June 14, 2018

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