the way you spell "Kewl" is Cool not not Kewl or kool
by it is me nellaws September 26, 2003
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That moment when you go to say cute, but then realize that would be weird, so you just finish off by saying cool. In the end the whole situation ends up Being awkward, and your friend wants to know what you said.
Wow Owen those sweatpants are so kewl!
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by Cakerrs November 08, 2018
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Kill Everyone Win Life , A word used to name strategies and winners
by kewlkez July 27, 2016
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โ€ข a word that perfectly describes about something/someone you find awesome or amazing.
โ€ข another swaggy but rare way to spell the word cool
โ€ข this word is usually used by faggots
"that idea sounds amazing."
"yeah. it's pretty kewl."

"it's cool, not kewl."
"idc. it's still kewl."
by sxnpai April 09, 2015
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an unnecessary replacement in texting for when a person wants to say something is "cool", normally used in a monotone context.

person: whats up

12 year old boy: nm

person: kewl
by morfytheduck June 12, 2019
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What Eli Manning likes to say on saturday night live. Pronounced (Kee-u-yl)
Sexy but silly.

Attorney: After the recipient responded to your text, you responded with a word. K-E-W-L, how do you pronounce that word?
Chad: Kewl
by gotaskedtothedance5times February 22, 2015
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An alternate spelling of the word "cool." Generally used by people too hipster, debutante, or just otherwise awesome to use the banal and overused standard spelling. If the word is being used by people of exceptional class and good taste, an umlaut can be placed over the "e" for extra pizazz. Kewl is used primarily as an affirmative word, to express the user's satisfaction or happiness with a progression of events or of a prior text. People will sometimes mistakenly spell cool with multiple o's, thinking that this elevates the trite "cool" to some sort of higher level. Those people are sadly mistaken, but hopefully someday a kewl person will come along and show them the light.
"Hey man, my new board came yesterday. We gotta hit the slopes!" "Kewl dude, let's go tomorrow!"
by Shoodatshoo February 25, 2015
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