How homosaphiyas say the c-word aka cool.DO NOT SAY THE C-WORD TO A HOMOSAPHIYA!
by Gupu January 19, 2018
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A decidedly step up da coolness-ladder from merely "cool beans".
Dude #1: Tiffany cuddled naked in bed wif me and let me knead her butt-cheeks and play wif her boobs for half an hour in exchange for my changing her tire.
Dude #2: Wooooo-hooooooooo --- kewl kukumberz! Please let me know if she needs any help wif her computer, heh heh... hubba, hubba!
Dude #1: Will do, Buddy --- we cool dudes need to stick together, eh???
by QuacksO June 27, 2018
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