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A pretty cool guy who is mostly asexual and started using this name before Urban Dictionary had a definition for it.
"Your name is Poik? As in the sound effect of-"
"No, I had my name before Urban Dictionary did."

"If your 'jizz' sounds like 'poik,' you ought to go see a doctor, as soon as possible."
by PoikSpirit November 02, 2011
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To be a furry but not out as furry. Sort of like "in the closet" is to queer.
Man, she's so far in the kennel, she's already wearing a collar!

Wow, he's so far in the kennel, he's in Narnia!
by PoikSpirit October 17, 2010
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1. Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds furry.

2. Phrase used when messing around in a chat to prevent someone from sounding furry. Usually unsuccessful. Like no homo.
1. Man, I love her tail. No furry.

2. *Rubs against legs* No furry.
by PoikSpirit October 17, 2010
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