Not Safe For Life; when something is so fucked up that even the raunchiest people would be scarred from it
Dude why would you jerk off to murder hentai? That shit is NSFL
by Dubiks May 19, 2019
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Not Safe For Life. Stuff that isn’t appropriate no matter where you are, how old you are, or what time it is. NSFL content is usually gore. Examples of NSFL content include: Goatse,, a lot of videos on Liveleak, 1 Guy 1 Jar, 2 Guys 1 Hammer, etc.
I was on an NSFL content binge last night because I was bored and I had morbid curiosity. I was extremely traumatized and couldn’t sleep at all
by nlolhere July 21, 2020
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Basically, NSFL means “not safe for life”. It’s when something is so scarring that even Satan himself would fear it. A lot of Bait-And-Switch sites use NSFL content for “a joke” when it’s really not. Some of these Bait-And-Switch include, but are not limited to:, dance.swf , and so on. Those are just some examples
User 1: Hey, Mike! You should check out (bait and switch site)! It’s so cool!

User 2: First, how do you know my name, and second, I’m not clicking that link.

User 1: Just click it!

User 2: Ok, fine. (clicks it) WHAT IN THE LIVING FUC~!

Moral: Don’t click on random links. It could be one of those NSFL sites.
by wide cat August 19, 2021
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Really, really messed up content. Like, most doctors and chronically online people cannot handle it. Usually means gore, killings, surgery. etc.
Girl: This pic my husband sent me has me scarred for life! Is it NSFL?
Friend: No crap sherlock, he's a doctor
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Not Safe For Life. Goes a step beyond NSFW, because it doesn't matter where you view the material; you will be scarred.
Why did I click on goatse? That shit is NSFL
by Jachmaninoff August 17, 2007
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Dude: Intrested in car accident pics.
Alien: are they NSFL?
by Miko Jack May 9, 2010
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NSFL also known as NLS means Not Safe For Life or Not Life Safe normally referring to a link someone or some website has sent you meaning no one should ever see it.
the video at is NSFL.

by Supremeone January 10, 2009
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