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An online meme magic cult prominent on the sites 8chan and 4chan which praises the mythical Meme God KEK. This cult is based on a combination of the meme pepe and the Egyptian deity of primordial darkness Kek, also known as Kuk, Keku, or Kekui.
The Cult of KEK unleashed their devastating dark chaotic meme magic powers to elect Donald Trump president all for the glory of KEK almighty.
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by epycurasWynter February 26, 2017

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Meme God is a term used in reference to a meme or person which appears to have godlike meme magic powers. KEK from the Cult of Kek is often used as a synonym for Meme God.
Donald Trump was elected Meme God of the United States and proved meme magic is real.
by epycurasWynter February 26, 2017

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A meme master is an individual who's passionate about memes or displays mastery in their creation and usage. It is a synonym for meme lord.
"That meme master memed me so hard I couldn't even meme straight for 420 days."
by epycurasWynter May 11, 2016

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An epyc wynn is considered an absolutely flawless success that is of the highest quality possible. The phrase combines the slang term epyc which denotes something that is more amazing than the word epic encompasses, with the slang term wynn which denotes a successful being.
He so thoroughly and absolutely destroyed the competition it was an epyc wynn.
by epycurasWynter February 26, 2017

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Epyc is a descriptor for something of remarkable high quality even among the highest quality works. It is most easily defined as being an intensified version of the word epic.
I memed him in such a legendary way it was epyc.
by epycurasWynter February 26, 2017

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Don, the administrator of KnowYourMeme.
"Meme Daddy gave his dank meme disciples even more advice animals and controversy."
by epycurasWynter September 04, 2016

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The Epyc Wynn Meme Face is a meme found on a variety of internet culture and meme forums. Best known on 8chan, it is often satirized for being a forced meme like the Milhouse meme.
Is the Epyc Wynn Meme Face the birth of the one true meme? Most memeticists concur: absolutely not. And yet it persists. #ItPersisted
by epycurasWynter February 28, 2017

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