Someone who spawn traps someone on gta then makes them fly when they fly after spawn trapping someone the flying is referred to as a kek
by I Alder I November 24, 2020
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A way of spawntrapping in GTA online by predicting spawns then shooting said spawn with explosives before they load in causing the player to ragdoll before they spawn giving the other player time to kill them.(typically happens in 1v1s)
Dont 1v1 this tryhard he knows how to kek
by Iuuu August 07, 2020
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when something is really awesome and you are lazy to say awesome. Instead of it you can say that it's kek.
1: Yo, have you seen the new John Wick?
2: Not yet, how was it?
1: It was kek af, bro!
2: Excuse me, what did you say?
1: I said it was kek, search it on Urban Dictionary...
by R0lzz May 29, 2019
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