Turkish for simple, basic cake, just baked dough with nothing on it. For reasons unknown to me, Turkish for cake is pasta.
She promised a pasta but served us just a kek.
by decafbad January 31, 2021
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the ultimate incarnation of pepe in god form.
the cult of kek was formed in his worship as a deity
by HE9UNAREHIIH October 10, 2018
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synonymous with lol.
Origin The World of Warcraft.
Did you see Shoon's pick? omfg kek!
by RN March 30, 2005
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An ebin fahnny may-may xD created by le reddit and le ninegag :DDDD
So le fahnny very ebin 4 u le funny guys :DDDDDD
by le god of ruse July 11, 2013
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Gta terms to shoot explosives at a persons spawns
by CastroTheGod January 13, 2020
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Found in World of Warcraft, 'lol', typed by somebody on the Horde faction, will show up as 'kek' to somebody on the Alliance faction.

It started as the Swedish translation of 'lol', and was adopted as the Orcish translation of 'lol'. It is often used in other games as a synonym for 'lol' in 1337speak. People use the word 'kek' so that only fellow '1337 pr0s' will understand them.
1. "0mfg 1 jv57 707411y pwn3d u k3k3k3k!"

2. "Us Swedes say 'kek' instead of 'lol'"

3. Observe:

Human: Oh s***. That orc doesn't look too friendly.
Orc: Kek
Human - Ghost: Well f*** that.
by TheLoneMan November 11, 2006
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When you don't know how to respond and you used lol and 😂 too much so you resort to this.
Friend: My pet goldfish died yesterday.
Me: kekekekek
by roleypoley December 13, 2020
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