German for any tea biscuit or cookie. Though "Keks" was originally intended to be a plural form of "Kek", it has become a singular form (proper plural is now "Kekse").
Invented by biscuit-manufacturer Bahlsen when he first introduced his Leibnitz biscuits around 1900. When people couldn't pronounce the english word "cakes", Bahlsen made up "Keks".
Cookie Monster: "KEKSE! KEKSE!"
by Krazy Kraut January 18, 2004
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the ultimate incarnation of pepe in god form.
the cult of kek was formed in his worship as a deity
by HE9UNAREHIIH October 10, 2018
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Same meaning as lol just spelled differently.
Guy 1: Funny comment
Guy 2: Kek
Guy 2: Amazing
by CANBA November 20, 2015
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Kek is an ancient Egyptian god adopted by 4chan and anonymous
Represented by the meme Pepe the frog and used in a new form of Chaos Magick called Meme Magic
His song is Shadilay it is written in the Kekronomicon
Powerful enough to elect Donald Trump
(see also : Cult of Kek)(see also Meme War)
via giphy
by Emineminous November 18, 2016
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Kek (Kuk, Keku, Keki) means darkness. He was the god of the darkness of chaos, the darkness before time began. He was the god of obscurity, hidden in the darkness. The Egyptians saw the night-time, the time without the light of the sun, as reflecting this chaotic darkness.

In latter days a cult of Kek has risen on /pol/ and other less interesting boards.
by GΓΆbekli Pepe October 05, 2016
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Refer to keke.
This did NOT originate in WoW, it is simply a shorter keke, similar to heh vs hehe.

It DOES translate from orcish to common as lol in WoW, this just doesn't happen to be the origin of the laugh. Whether or not this translation is intentional is beyond me.
Orc says kek
Ally sees lol
WoW players who are complete newbs to gaming think this is how kek started being used as a term to show laughing.
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