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Keikaku means plan.

When the results of your endeavors have satisfactorily harmonized with the forecast that you generated and acted upon in accordance to a detailed analysis of the situation at hand and the desired goals that were stated by key stakeholders and interested parties at the outset of the events that previously unfolded, everything has gone according to keikaku.
The ruling Elite's keikaku is to --- through bioterrorism and mass-vaccination campaigns, and via other means of culling and dumbing down Humanity, and through staging conflicts and events giving rise to pretexts --- have a one-world Government, a one-world currency, no national borders or national sovereignty, cash forbidden and outlawed, with the private ownership of firearms illegal, a one-child policy with breeding requiring a license, everything taxed, and systems of Eugenics normalized into society such as frequent and regular vaccinations and by-default vaccination at birth, everything tracked with ubiquitous computing and RFID and GPS, with the Earth's population forcibly maintained under 500 million with the humans that do live being forced to live in compact compact cities with all other space being off-limits, with the entire economy and all human activity revolving around carbon-credits and offsetting your so called CO2 footprint, all humans being considered a burden and a weight for the planet, with babies seen as a source of pollution of toxic waste.
by random731290 February 09, 2010
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Keikaku means plan in Japanese.Use this word and you will be cemented as a 1000 IQ Otaku and everyone on Reddit will like you.
Example 1:*Taps glasses* All according to keikaku
Example 2:Editor's note keikaku means "plan"
by Cmaster(Lvl 100 Mafia boss) October 08, 2019
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