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An anime that starts off as a fun game with cute little girls transforming into magical girls with hidden identities and gaining magical powers that help them collect magical candies.
The protagonist is a girl named Koyuki. She is turned into Snow White one day by Fav, the mascot.
Snow collets a shit load of candy and gets to the top.
A girl gets eliminated and dies.

Fav adds the option to transfer candies to others.
Everyone wants to steal Snow's candy.

Snow's friend dies. Since she died, nobody got eliminated that week.

The girls realise they can just kill each other to survive.

A girl known as Alice knows Snow because she helped her once. She follows her around and Snow is lowkey scared.

Alice is immortal.
Swim Swim(antagonist)figures she can track down her real identity and kill her in her human form since her powers won't work. Swim kills her. Snow hears Alice in troubl. She finds her dying body. Alice gives her the rabbit's foot. It'll help her later.

A bunch of other girls died. The last girls to remain are Swim, Ripple and Snow.

Ripple fights Swim.

Ripple and Swim die.
Snow is the last one.
Fav wants Snow to be his master.
Snow wants to kill the little shit.
She can't.
Fav starts mocking the dead girls.
Snow gets pissed.
Ripple is revived.
She takes Swim's weapon which is super strong and breaks the master terminal, killing Fav.
Snow White becomes a thug magical girl.

The end.
Guy 1: Hey do you have any good animes?
Guy 2: I've watched Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku. If you like watching little girls die bloody and sorrowful deaths then go ahead and watch it.
by snow_whit3 July 14, 2018