The counterpart to the internet meme 'Good Guy Greg', Scumbag Steve represents the lowest of lowlives. Appearing on Reddit, 4chan, and other internet meme sites, this meme features a drunk-flush man in brown clothing with his trademark brown-plaid hat. Over the picture go words telling of the nefarious deeds Scumbag Steve is known for - 'borrowing' your clothes and never returning them, using all your shampoo when showering at your place, answering your texts when you leave your phone unattended, etc.
Everyone has at least one Scumbag Steve in their life.
Scumbag Steve - borrows your car; gets it impounded.

Scumbag Steve - takes you for a birthday dinner; makes you pick up the bill.

Scumbag Steve - hangs over at your place; eats all your food.
by IceWolfbrony August 14, 2012
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The generic name for somebody who gets hit in dodgeball and doesn't get out.
mark:"did you see that, I hit that guy with my dodgeball and he won't get out of the game"

todd:" yea, he's a real scumbag steve"
by t-rizzle22 January 7, 2012
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