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A man who resembles a 14 year old emo kid. He shops at Hot Topic or Spencers for all of his clothes. Is very good at making fun of your children, as well and autistic people. And uses 2/3rds of his YouTube videos to play a shifty video game, and talk in his nasally voice.
Wow, that guy sure looks like a leafy subscriber.
by OnisionTheKingOfCuck August 04, 2016
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Reptilian: Hey do you watch Leafyishere on Youtube?

Man: No I don't watch filthy that reptile

by Reptilianscum December 03, 2015
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Bro: “hey you leafy fan do your leafy impression”
Leafy fan: “hisssssssssssss”
Bro: “no your other leafy impression”
Leafy fan: “holy shit it’s leafy”
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by PewdiepieFan69 October 23, 2017
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Leafy is considered an exceptional girl with a unique personality.

Girls described as leafies are great friends, they support you and understand you. They also are fun to talk to and make every conversation fun.

They are characterized by permanent hunger pangs and they are evil and deadly up close.

To keep a leafy of her toes spam her and bully her fats and cheeks.

Advice: Always have a leafy close to you

*Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love leafy*

Aka Satsuki
- She made my day better
- I guess shes a leafy
- I'mma bully her!
- I'll help!!!
by Skillers3 February 26, 2019
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An Internet bully with unfortunately no chin. There is hope for leafy however, I feel a chin will cure his cancerous ways.
Retard/ Cunt: "IM GAY!"
Leafy: "HA this fucking smurf is gay. Ready, one two three BOOP (changes from picture of retard to stock pear image) HAHAHAHAHA
by SmokedFalafel September 16, 2016
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Used to describe something that is extremely chill; you do not have to work too hard; you enjoy it very much
I'm happy Coach didn't make us run today. That made practice pretty leafy.
by arat81 January 27, 2014
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Pronounced (Leef-ee) Noun, Plural - Leafies, Also spelled Leafie; Anyone who chooses to eat vegetables while abstaining from partaking of meat.

Also see vegetarianveggiehippy
Guy 1: "Dude, why aren't you eating your steak?"
Guy 2: "My girlfriend doesn't let me anymore.."
Guy 1: "Why not?"
Guy 2: "She's a vegetarian."
Guy 1: "Wait, she's a leafy, so now you're a leafy?"
Guy 2: "Yeah"
Guy 1: "Give me your man card you little bitch."

"Look at those leafies protesting the hamburger cook off."
by NoMoreHippies February 21, 2010
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