when something is good and bad at the same moment. sort of like sweet and sour. delicious yet shitty. not always great but still gives you raging hard boners.
Davis Manivanh walks into a crowded party

"What's up Niggas?"

Everyone stares and gives him a weird look

"What my niggaz?"

They are all black.

He thinks he may be racist...

"I'm sorry I'm calling you niggers" says Davis with his shit eating grin

The party people yell

then they say

"Nah nigga, you just smell kebab right now"

Davis looks confused.
"What's Kebab?"

Jamal, one of the guys at the party, goes up to Davis slowly....

"Nigga it's when you smell like flowers and baby dookie at the same time. You need a diaper my nigga."

Davis says, "Like an Ethiopian after a long day of being Ethiopian?"

He says

"Yes my niggaer you smell like an onion dipped in honey"

Davis blushes and pulls out his penis

"My dick, it's my dick that smells kebab!"

"All you ladies suck my kebaby dick"

"I'm serious, SUCK THIS KeBABY dick!!!!"

the party ends and Davis leaves with no dick because all the girls love the Kebab.

Everyone loves the kebab.

Niggas love the kebab.
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(verb) When three or more lesbians with two or more double-headed dildos engage in a vagina-anus-vagina daisy-chain of sorts.
Dude 1: "Where's Kate, Michelle, and Suzanne?"

Dude 2: "In the other room, kebabing."
by lobstalunch February 16, 2010
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1)meaning "grilled or broiled meat". encased in pita bread with salad. a typically lebanese food group.
2)to piss tony off.
"hey tonyyyy, goin' to the kebab shop, uleh?"
by uleh December 06, 2005
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Favoured delicacy of top Australian rapper Sickadash.
Sickadash: Get that kebab it give me the power, to take this shit into the final hour!
by HalfMerci April 09, 2003
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An eastern Europeans sexual parts.(e.g. muff)

Stems from 18th century turkey.
Kebabs must be had at some stage. Will we eat them before we go out?
by Tiarnan Mckeown May 25, 2017
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