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Greedy old priest with a dent in his head...fired Lenny...NOT cool.
(During church)
Kati: Fr. Tom has ugly shoes.
Us: That's nice Kati,
Kati: Fr. Tom has a shiny head.
Us: That's nice Kati.
Us: BAHAHAHAHA! That's nice Kati...
by stray October 5, 2004
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1) hell; a lethal overdose of hell or and phantasmagoric element.

2)something one should be doing instead of surfing the net
1)Studying for that test was fuckin science fair!

2)Ana, you should be working on your science fair!!
by stray November 22, 2003
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1) A parasite that enters the human digestive system and grows and thrives off what the human host consumes, causing severe weight loss or other digestive problems. See parasitism
1) My brother's girlfriend's uncle's lover went to New Guinea and came back 50 pounds thinner and with severe anal pain. We later found out, 34 months after he died, that he had been holding a tapeworm inside of him.
by stray December 6, 2003
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The 3rd View gang! see 3rd View
"Damn if one more of my homies gets wacked by the Third View I think I'll kill my self before they get me! Shit here comes stray!"
by stray May 6, 2004
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(Or Pube Rock)
A spin-off "genre" of rock music practiced and lead by the soon-to-be-famous-emaciated-circus-bear, Brian K. Music traits usually consist of punk, pop, or hard rock rhythms of cover songs and rarely originals, killer face-melting drum solos, and "Peter Brady" style vocals. Adopted by any aspiring pubertal 12 year old with a passion for music and with impressive talent, minus the singing...

12 year old+drums+cd burner+camp+14 year old groupies=PUBERTY ROCK

kid 1: is that him playing drums?
kid 2: yeah
kid 1: and guitar?
kid 2: yeah
kid 1: wow...he sucks
kid 2: thats just his voice, the music is good though..
by stray September 15, 2004
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Singer/Songwriter of British band The Libertines. He is a fabulous musician, and his interviews are usually quite insightful. He is intelligent. And fucking hott. Is said by many LJ-Junkies to be a raging homosexual with his former bandmate Pete Doherty whom he has had an intense love-hate relationship with, but nonetheless, Carl is a sex god who had decided to move on in his career.
Yeah, The Libs broke up. I hope I'm not the only one who hopes that Pete and Carl will make up someday. In the meantime, Carl, who has the most beautiful ass I have ever seen, signed with another label and is supposedly forming another band..hmmm
by stray April 13, 2005
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"The Capitol of Silicon Valley". About half the people who live there have their family name registered as a domain.
My name's daniel wall, but some random guy called larry wall stole my domain. Lame!
by stray December 10, 2003
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