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A person you will rarely will meet. A kayde is a one of a kind and no one would be able to replace her. She is full of life and can be a bit snappy when she needs to. She is very beautiful and once you find a Kayde, never let her go. She is unique and funny, and has another side to her. She is smart, beautiful, and worth spending your time with, if you hurt her she can bring you down in less than 5 minutes.
Man, I wish I had a kayde.
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A commonly miss-understood person who may act stubborn at times but loves with all her heart. She cares for everything she comes close to and feels very deeply. She may have trust issues if you have wronged her in the past and is constantly looking for comfort and love from others. May get sad or depressed over the small things but again, that's only because she feels deeply. She causes others to turn heads by her sexy and independent ways. She shows that she doesn't need anyone but secretly desires to have someone who loves her as much as she loves them and she can share her feelings and secrets with. Kayde may act tough and rude sometimes but don't be fooled. If she acts this way, she either is annoyed and doesn't like you or she actually loves you. Its pretty easy to tell which situation your in. She sticks up for people she loves and stands strong for what she believes in. She comes off as a badass until you meet her and realize how sweet she is. She is an amazing person inside and out.
We should all have a Kayde in our life.
She is suuchh a kayde.
by _WisePersonThatWritesWiseShit_ December 28, 2017
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Some pussy ass bitch that runs her mouth all over town and a slut bit of a as whole
Why is she so mean she must be Kayde
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A sweet lovable boy who is strong and opinionated. He is very smart and good-looking. Probably the best looking guy that you’ll ever meet. He’s funny, talented, and the greatest human alive.
by lovinkaykay December 11, 2018
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