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Yo, I was trying to make my point in class, but I kept getting Kanye'd by that girl who sits in front of me.
by DanMD October 4, 2009
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(v) to ruin the best moment of someone's life
"Yo, Kayne just kanye'd that Taylor Swift girl at the VMA's. How could he be so heartless?"
by happysunman September 14, 2009
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To be publicly interrupted by someone at a lower level of intelligence than you, which immediately is followed by a period of intense awkwardness where you don't know whether to feel sorry for the person that pulled the Kanye, or to wish him bodily harm.

Kanye West invented this act at the 2009 VMAs.
Taylor Swift was Kanye'd at the 2009 VMAs.

Dude, I was totally just Kanye'd by Alex back there!
by DJF2 September 15, 2009
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An unwelcomed interruption by a drunk or otherwise mentally impaired person.
Did you see Beyonce's reaction after Taylor Swift got kanye'd at the MTV awards? Priceless...

Joe Wilson just kanye'd Obama!

Remember that Iraqi guy that kanye'd Bush? He just got out of jail today.
by stoic nose September 14, 2009
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To interrupt an important moment in someone's life and steal the place the focus on yourself.
Elinor Burkett totally Kanye'd Roger Ross Williams during his acceptance speech for Music by Prudence at this year's Oscars.
by annabananab March 8, 2010
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To destroy or steal something.
Term became popular after Kanye West stole the microphone from Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV awards and also destroyed her memory of her first MTV award.
Describing a fat guy who just broke a chair by sitting on it:
"wow that guy just kanye'd that char"

A guy who just robbed a bank:
"I just kanye'd 1 million dollars from that bank!"
by Philedup September 17, 2009
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cock blocking one of your buddies or taking the spotlight from someone else because you cannot stand someone else getting attention.
I was talking to this fly ass honey and this guy came up and kanye'd me.
by d-40 purps December 15, 2010
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