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Yo, I was trying to make my point in class, but I kept getting Kanye'd by that girl who sits in front of me.
by DanMD October 04, 2009
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To have your moment of glory stolen by another person while in front of a crowd of people. Inspired by the ridiculous actions of Kanye West toward Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA's.
"Dude, it was my birthday today and when I was trying to open my presents, my little cousin came up and started telling everyone jokes. I totally got Kanye'd."
by Alycia Hall September 17, 2009
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(v) to ruin the best moment of someone's life
"Yo, Kayne just kanye'd that Taylor Swift girl at the VMA's. How could he be so heartless?"
by happysunman September 14, 2009
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To totally interrupt someone in the middle of them talking about something important.
Kanye kanyed Taylor Swift during the VMA's...not cool, at all.
by LAINERZ September 14, 2009
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