A person who is so off putting due to the way he or she acts, and at the same time makes the most incredible mistakes. This type of person either denies his or her mistakes, or is proud of them.
by jesster79 February 12, 2005
The exhaustion you feel after dealing with stupid and/or rude people.

Comes from "plumb tuckered out," meaning tired as hell.
I spent 20 minutes at work today explaining to a customer that he couldn't use his gift card because there was no money left on it. He kept saying "But gift cards are LIKE money". I'm dumb fuckered out; I need a beer and a nap.
by luluup February 20, 2012
Beto O'rourke Threatened to take AR 15's from lawful owners. Beto is from TX, where it is legal to protect personal property with Deadly force.

Beto is a dumb mother fucker!
person a: Beto just proposed buying back assault weapons.
person b: How can they buy back what they never owned?
person a: Beto is a dumb mother fucker!
by Dead Pool Fan September 16, 2019
why we John Kerry as president he will lead our national security to becoem safer then bush ever could
by joe blow March 3, 2004