kalyan is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. He excels in the gym, classroom and in bed. When he says i love you, he means it from the heart
Damn i cant believe kalyan said that t you
by alyankay February 7, 2018
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(n.) An man of Indian descent who is highly intellectual. Their way with words and charm make everyday conversation with women come easy to him. However, where he excels in the classroom he lacks in the gym. They won't always stand up to for what they believe in for sheer fear of being hurt or harassed. Athletic events aren't their specialties, but that doesn't make a difference when they can talk to the girls on the sidelines. When going out they usually will have a trusted wing- man with similar personal qualities and descent. They have no fear of sex and a very strong sex drive, but may not always leave you pleased. Overall their handsomeness, cham, and intelligent is very hard to shy away from.
I can't believe you did that with Kalyan in the bathroom!
by Jason Hayworth April 3, 2011
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A Russian name of shisha, hookah
Excuse me! Where can i drink some tea and smoke kalyan?
by Loco Agressor September 21, 2020
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Crazy asian girl who is friendly to everyone.
Oh, you're such a Kalyan.
by Malfoy August 11, 2003
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He is known as the biggest nonce there is, he has a mustache that creeps out all the women and children. When you see a kalyan you should call the police.
he was being such a kalyan around my little brother
by TheWiseDonnie December 21, 2019
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God of destruction in the religion - Sudraism
Quite similar looking to the God of destruction Beerus
"Did you hear about that? God Kalyan just destroyed another planet."
by Sudraist January 15, 2017
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