The himbo we all love, shuichi's best ftiend and CEO of ita not gay if it's with the homies. <3
Kaito momota is amazing and i love him.
by Shslmomotakinnie September 18, 2020
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Pulling a kaito consist of having his cake and eating it too........ On your birthday
ANYONE: "Today is gonna be very important to me. Are you gonna be there?"

KAITO: "Not if Calvin is there, or Chason and Elvis are together, or if you guys are doing anything i don't want to do, and I am especially not going if we all don't join together and make every moment, event, and spoken word about me.

ANYONE: I hate it when you are pulling a Kaito....
by 10 cubed times pain July 24, 2011
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New RPG for Game Cube. Beautiful graphics. Fun and unique game-play for a change. BUT TERRIBLE, and I mean TERRIBLE voice acting. It is highly recommended you turn off the voice option the second you start this game up. ;)
"Why do I sound so eager and excited in every scene my actor dubs?!", exclaimed Lyude.
by Sad Gamer March 8, 2005
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The man that I love, the ultimate Astronaut in Danganronpa V3
Got attached and then cried in the the fifth chapter 🥲
“Hey who’s your favorite Danganronpa character?”
“Kaito Momota!”
by Space Nerd ✨ June 30, 2021
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A character that you can basically make a scrum debate about. Some people say he's the best bro, some say he's homo/transophobic due to a mistranslations and taking tumblr as a reliable source. In reality he's a space cowboy who takes his smarter friend as a sidekick because he's too much of a motivating character for anyone to correct him. Oh people also hate him because an assasin fell in love with him. But that's okay cause some people think he's gay.
Person A: I think the answer is
Person B: Dude you're the sidekick, shut up
Person A: Bitch what are you, Kaito Momota?
by I just don't like drama June 8, 2019
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Probably the greatest video game to ever be released. It was made for Gamecube. If you don't have it, buy it. Or I'll go all Howard Dean on y'all.
"Baten Kaitos is the best."
by Mewgal February 21, 2005
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A character from danganronpa. He is spaceman mcstars. He is the Luminary of the stars and is a best boy.
Kaito Momota is best space boy.
by ToasyBean October 30, 2019
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