Masaharu Kaito (海藤 正治, Kaitō Masaharu) is a major supporting character in Judgment & Lost Judgment, as well as the protagonist of "The Kaito Files" in Lost Judgment. He is the former lieutenant of the Matsugane Family, as well as the former manager of Charles. He is currently a private investigator.

Kaito has a tall ( 6 ft 3) & muscular build, cropped black hair, chinstrap beard. A small scar cuts through his left eyebrow,

Kaito wears an orange, yellow & black floral silk button down shirt, a pair of light grey dress pants, a brown leather belt, pair of black slip-on leather loafers.

Kaito is a blunt, brash ,honest man, but he is also quite easygoing, & enjoys helping people especially if money is involved.He is shown to care deeply for those he considers part of his family, & won't hesitate to jump into harm's way if it means protecting them.

During his childhood, he suffered physical abuse from his alcoholic father. He was expelled from high school, ran away from home, continuing on a path of delinquency until he eventually ended up in juvenile detention. He blamed his father for the way his life turned out, but came to realize that he was at fault.

Kaito joined Matsugane crime Family after completing his time in juvie. He 1st met takayuki Yagami not long after. The 2 often got into fist fights, with Kaito easily beating the then-teenage Yagami each time, until they eventually became friends later.
Masaharu Kaito has 2 fighting styles Bruiser & Tank
by Blu_leef February 9, 2023
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