The best danganronpa v3 charachter helping shuichi up until the ch5 trial (where he dies)
What do you ship with maki?
Kaito Momota, of course. maki always had feelings anyways
by Dangitronpit October 15, 2019
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Kaito Kuroba's alter ego as a phantom thief, he is a master of disguise and magic and tricks the authority constantly with his gimmicks. He isn't the worst person though, after all, he is just trying the chase the killers of his father, the original Kaito Kid; Toichi Kuroba.

He is illegally the best, hottest, amazing-est, prettiest, beautiful-est, handsom-est phantom theif alive.

by katzuha January 15, 2021
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a massive dick, an enormous shlong, a big fucking cock, thiccer than your bitch, throat-/pussy-/ass- destroyer
hana, bella, yildiz, soso, aurelius, messiah, vantae, your mom, minjoon, etc. : kaito’s dick is massive
by KAIIIIItoooo April 23, 2020
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April 10th is now the official Kaito Slander day where we all come together and hate on Kaito Momota.
by DWTS April 3, 2021
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