Harry (after seeing kaito live): I don't know what the hell that was, but I liked it!
by Caffine Overdose April 19, 2004
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The Kaito cosplay stays on during sex.
A cutie: “Why does Kaito’s voicebank say straight? We all know he be making out with Len
by Emerly’s Classics April 2, 2020
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A pop-punk band from the UK. It was formed in 1996 in Norwich. The band's members are Nikki Colk (guitar and vocals), Gemma Cullingford (bass), Dieta Quantrill (drums), and Dave Lake (guitar). Their first album was released in 2001, and fans are anticipating their next.
Kaito is my favorite band.
by hesitations August 10, 2006
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For a friend on an app called Amino,A cheerful mexican who is a edited ver. of Kaito Momota from A game known a danganronpa V3. He is also known as my friend(GATOROCKS)husbando.
Gato always mention mexican kaito in voice chat,its not meant to be racist.
by WilliamsPK08 March 4, 2019
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An amazing man who is carefree and determined to reach his goals. He's quite the charmer and will never give up! Also has pretty good sex.
I wish all guys were like Kaito Momota.
by I love Dangan Ronpa August 16, 2017
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