Literally the best guy, he's amazing. He cares about everyone he comes in contact with, if you ever meet him cherish him. He is best student body president, he shlumps on the couch, and is real adorbs. Can't get enough of him, don't hurt him, if you do his student body council will cut you!
P1: who's that guy??
P2: Yooo that's Kaito! He's the bestest!
by Boiyu October 10, 2019
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You can't get more random than this. Like Legit you can't. Basically the definition of randomness. Probably has a tiny chode on his forehead.
Random Person 1: Hey dude let's get some food.
Kaito: I have the tiniest chode on my forehead.
Random Person 1: Dude what
by Tri-Stand February 19, 2019
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a guy with no abs ;)
Guy 1: “how good are the soccer players
Guy 2: “not much, they are all Kaitos”
by Cassidy Jean May 31, 2019
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