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You can't get more random than this. Like Legit you can't. Basically the definition of randomness. Probably has a tiny chode on his forehead.
Random Person 1: Hey dude let's get some food.
Kaito: I have the tiniest chode on my forehead.
Random Person 1: Dude what
by Tri-Stand February 19, 2019
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Krista rhymes with Rista. The only thing that makes this person interesting is that she's probs dating some guy with a massive chode on his forehead. Probably Always Salty. There's nothing much to it. Is the living embodiment of a trash can.
Person 1: You know who Krista is?
Person 2: Who?
Person 1: You know the girl in our class?
Person 2: Wait what
Person 1: The ones that dating the guy with the massive chode on his head
Person 2: OHHHH THE TRASH CAN. yeah I know her
by Tri-Stand February 19, 2019
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