(n.) Paper towel used by exotic dancers and entertainers at strip clubs.
After completing her second song, Cinnamon grabbed a kaepernick and her spray bottle and wiped the pole down for the next girl.
by Bigsillyone January 20, 2014
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(Noun) A rich or famous person who thinks expressing their political opinion is the single most important thing.
I liked George Clooney before he became a gun control Kaepernick.
by KyContessa September 10, 2016
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When you take one of those skinny sticky shits that pulls your ass hairs out, hurting so bad you have to take a knee.
I was at a 49er's game and took a Kaepernick in stands, it dropped me to my knee, I was so embarrassed.
by T-Rantula September 8, 2017
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Full bore, unkempt, wooly, lady bush. Sometimes referred to as a "Bob Ross."
1. I always assumed Amber had a landing strip. Wasn't I surprised when she dropped trou and unleashed the Kaepernick.
by MoltenPoo July 28, 2019
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To flex your bicep and kiss it in celebratory fashion. Inspired and trademarked by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.
Colin Kaepernick just ran for a touchdown to take the lead and is showing his celebration by kaepernicking to the crowd.
by Technyze January 24, 2013
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To flex your biceps while doing random things the way San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick does when he scores touchdowns.
After a good workout I start Kaepernicking before I leave the gym
by ThisDatBoiD January 17, 2013
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verb To shit where you eat. To screw up big time.
Boy , did you see the way Joe did that Kaepernick?
by Uncle Joe K. December 3, 2019
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