A person who partakes in the act of hitting a juul. A device created by PAX, which was originally designed to help adults quit their nasty smoking habits. But the device is mainly used by high schoolers in bathrooms in order to make it through the long and stressful day of being a teenager.
"Yeah, Jimothy is a juuler now bro"
by William JakeSpear February 11, 2018
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Someone who wants to hit a quick a cape in the high school bathroom
Who the fuck is going shit in here this is a juulers Stall .
by Onomatopoeia man April 1, 2018
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A teenager that spends its money on a USB drive they can succ on
Innocent student: "I can't use the bathroom, there's too much smoke"
Underpaid teacher: "Hecking juulers"
by Yeetgodmcneckass December 25, 2018
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Someone who does not partake in the act of hitting or passing the juul.
by Rumple smooth skin April 23, 2019
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People who go in the bathroom to juul during school and get suspended.
1: Yo did u see those girl they are sexy as fuck
2: yeah man those are the juulers🤤 everyone wants them
by hal gal pal February 25, 2019
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