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1.) The act of eating bacon, an excessive amount of bacon
2.) The act of over glorifying Toyota's. Specifically trucks
3.) Swinging as hard as you can in the block, (in volleyball) without assessing the block

4.) Making out with really ugly girls

5.) Being a jackass about guns and hunting
6.) Being fat
7.) Thinking that Ohio is the greatest place since sliced Germany. Especially Ohio state
Dude, I was justining so hard last night.
Sorry coach, I didn't realize I was Justining.

I've been justining so often I think I have mono.

Its deer season! Time to begin justining!!
by meowtown23 October 20, 2014
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pretending to like a girl, then ending up being a douchebag who really only wants to get in girls' pants and then forget about them
Neither one, he's justining both of them
by LizzyFoShizz August 20, 2010
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