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The feeling of excitement when exacting petty revenge, or simply witnessing someone get what they deserve.
- "Hey, did you hear about the Westboro Baptist Church picketing a soldier's funeral this weekend?"
- "No, what happened?"
- "The police formed a barrier around the cemetery and arrested the ones that tried to get in. Gave me a raging justice boner."


- "Remember how Jeff has been stealing my lemonade on his lunch break?"
- "Yeah, why?
- "Well, today I filled the bottle with my own urine instead, and I saw him try to drink it, then run into the bathroom and puke. HUGE justice boner."
by jet_tripleseven June 02, 2013
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The penis becoming extremely hard at the sight of justice being dealt. While defendants found guilty result in a semi justice boner, life-sentences can increase the vitality and strength of the boner.
Judge: The defendant has been found guilty, and is sentenced to life in prison.
Random person: "YESSSS"
Random person 2: Why do you have a stick poking out of your pants?
Random person: That's my justice boner.
by limlams745 January 31, 2019
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