For no particular reason; for the sake of it.
James: dude why are you dressed like Grim Reaper, it's not Halloween anymore
John: idk, just for the fuck of it
by vejtics November 27, 2019
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... or in other words the state of being screweddddd!!!!!!1!!1!!1one!

elohel lawl
maggie: yer just plain fucked
ramsey: oh.
by mrs. magoo August 21, 2006
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Just having casual sex with no emotions or feelings involved!
He has a main girl, so me and him are just fucking!
by HenryWilshire February 9, 2018
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noun | hair that is in crazy disarray. and they didn't necessarily even get any play. They just have that look to them.
"Honey, who was he? Cuz you've got the just-got-fucked hair look going on."
by dopeLabber November 28, 2001
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Wrong to the point where it is not even fuuny or interesting, simply ubelieveably wrong.
When Johnny hung himself, it was just plain fucking wrong
by Crazedman December 28, 2009
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What to say when someone asks you something.
Small annoying child: Daddy, where do babys come from?
Dad: just go fucking google it
by Thelocaldyke April 20, 2016
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