The future lol. People will begin to spell out all letters of acronyms, thus voiding all human existence.
Jay: Did you see that knife kill?
Shizrae: Elohel I did.
by Scott Firestone June 26, 2004
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Verb, Interjection

Phonetic spelling of the acronym LOL (laughing out loud). It is generally used interchangeably with LOL. It is sometimes used in a sarcastic manner because "LOL" is often used to express mild amusement rather than literal, audible laughter.
He said, "Bitch, I AM the manager." and I was like, elohel! What now Karen?
(Used as a verb).

Oh wow, your joke about Billie Ellish turning 18 was so funny and not creepy all. Elohel.

(Used sarcastically and as an Interjection.)
by Murphy'sLawInAction December 29, 2021
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