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STDS, yeast infections, urinary infections, smelly pussy
(carlos) Damn Brian, after i fucked her, i could smell that shit on my finger the next day!

(brian) Shit man, she must have the junk funk!
by The Only Real Vicki October 22, 2005
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1. Used to refer to something that is of little value.
2. Used to refer to an article of clothing that is cheap and nasty
3. A hip new way of saying slut
1. "That new pink CD is sooooooooo JUNK FUNK gurrrrrl"
2. "God, Charlene did you see that girl wearing a mid-riff, its looked so JUNK FUNK
3. Paris Hilton is SO JUNK FUNK
by Mitch Watt August 20, 2006
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cool object or clothing that has been brought back to life often recycled, usually a retro feel, retro chic, cool retro clothing,
that 50's telephone is very junkfunk
by woarjacky August 03, 2009
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The distinct stench that smothers items from donation shops or consignment stores. Junk funk often is a smelly mixture of stale tobacco, mildew, animal dander, and other odors that accumulate in storage spaces or dirty places along with hair and unnamed "items" or stains. It's typically impossible to fully remove junk funk from the item which it inhabits.
Tom: Hey, check out this cool leather jacket I just got from Goodwill. Only six dollars.

Talula: Yep, and it wreaks of junk funk.
by Mistoffelees March 20, 2008
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