Disparaging term for a black person.

This term is actually incorrect, since in sub-saharan Africa, there is very little jungle, but more desert and plains. It comes from "One who hops around the jungle, multiplying so quickly they must be sterilised". This term has lost favour with racists and supremacists, and rarely will anyone born after 1970 ever use this.
yous a jungle bunnah!

Ahs gonna flay ya hide, jungill bunnah!
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
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More than 4 generations of a black family living in a two bedroom flat at any one time....

Extensive breeding due to lack off job, money and legal passport
in "underpriveledged areas" or "ghettos" as more commonly known
by Jren May 19, 2004
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any nigger

from the fact that they are very little evolved from apes
ex:huge nose, fat lips, and dark skninned

also the fact that the city is referred to as the jungle and niggers can jump exceptionally high and far
Me:Hey Jimmy guess what we call a blacky-boo!
Me: Junglebunny!

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a name for the homeless who live in the woods next to the cowichan river in duncan, BC.
Vancouver Island is becoming such a zoo, with all the jungle bunnies and river chimps.
by K.C. Gertrude July 22, 2008
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In the gay community, a junglebunny is a little white gay boy who wants to be picked up by black men only. In essence, he goes "hopping" over to the dark side: I.e. "the Jungle" to look for a mate.
On rob,....David's not your type,......he's a total junglebunny! Last I hear, he was with Tyrone.
by fauxvian November 06, 2006
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A term for an urban black woman who is athletic,attractive and may or may not ski. Prefers Urban Outfitters over the slopes.
by Melange-One smart sugarbabe March 17, 2011
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