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McGavock High School is a high school in East Nashville around a mile east of Mile Marker 10 on TN-155 (Briley Parkway) If you are white and want to know what being a minority feels like, then step no further. McGavock will take care of your wanna-be oppressed needs. The average female body count at McGavock High was listed at 141.7 in the August 2021 AP Poll. This body count average ranks 2nd statewide and 88th nationally. 1 out of 40 students are armed during school hours. A crime elsewhere, but here, it is one-hundred percent the norm. Fights happen damn-near hourly here. Every single sports team is completely atrocious. This school lacks E-Girls and BDSM members, but makes up for it with their ultra-spicy-cheeto-free nude-hyperwhores. Even the teachers have body counts in the double digits. This school has more students with felony charges than the Texas Maximum Security Prison.
Kid A: Wow McGavock High School looks nice!
Kid B: You must be fucking blind.
by Definitions With Class September 3, 2021
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A cum bucket is a female who is constantly being injected with semen. These inseminations occur so often that her body has begun to store the semen, resulting in the female to become a bucket of cum.
Kid A: _______'s body count went up 4 times over the weekend.
Kid B: _______ is a cum bucket.
by Definitions With Class September 14, 2021
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The term "megawhore" is used to describe a female who engages in sexual intimacy with a larger ration of men than your average whore. These whores are known for adding more than one body to their body count in the span of one single day. Intercourse with these women is often accompanied by the use of alcohol, narcotics, and methamphetamines. These women are suicidal to the point of weekly attempt and are failing school by thirty points or more. They have so little respect for themselves that they virtually beg for guys to spread their nudes around like a California wildfire.
Kid A: Bro I fucked _______ on saturday.
Kid B: Same.
Kid C: Same.
Kid D: Same.
Kid A: Wow she is a megawhore.
by Definitions With Class September 7, 2021
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Hendersonville High School is a high school located in the heart of Hendersonville near US-31E. This school is the absolute worst attributes of every school combined into one hyper-shithole. My biotic penis has a higher chance of winning a football game than these walking shitters. The average female body count in the August 2021 AP Poll was 30.6, about 35% above their neighbor, Station Camp High School. One half of students here have a crippling drug addiction. The principal is corrupt and politically incorrect. The teachers are actively indoctrinating their students by saying things like "Dont do drugs", and "Wait until marriage." No mentally sane figure of society thinks that modern day youth will listen to your nonsense. These bisexual ultra-submussive cum-sluts are having so much passionate sex that they cant even keep their pants dry in class.
Kid A: Why are there so many whores at Hendersonville High School?
Kid B: They built different.
by Definitions With Class September 1, 2021
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An ultrasub is someone who is extremely submissive during sexual intimacy. In order to bear the title of "ultrasub", you must obtain a body count greater than three and you must score at least 98 percent in the two of the following BDSM categories: Submissive, Rope Bunny, Masochist, or Brat.
Kid A: I want a girl who will let me tie her up and do whatever I want.
Kid B: Just say you want an ultrasub.
by Definitions With Class September 14, 2021
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Station Camp High School is a high school called Station Camp. It is located in the southwest corner of Gallatin. The average body count of a female at this divine establishment came in at roughly 19.4 in the August 2021 AP Poll. Students are often found using illegal drugs such as Black Tar Heroin, Cocaine, Weed, Bath Salts, and other damaging substances. Parties with students at this school are relatively boring, but filled with loads of drunk sex. According to the FBI, 1 in 15 males at this school have commited some form of passive rape at a party. 22 females here own 80% of the Body Count Share here(917 bodies). 1 in 3 students drink during the school day. Roughly 91% of students here have financially benefited from the prosperity and wealth of their fathers. An analyst from NBC stated that "if you are in dire need of vagina, this is the place to be." It is said that the females of the class of 2023 are always willing to gargle on every inch of your veiny cock.
Kid A: Dude im trying to fuck someone
Kid B: Station Camp High School can help.
by Definitions With Class August 31, 2021
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Vladimir Putin is the father and hero of eastern Europe. Invading Ukraine was in the best interests of the Russian regime. This war will bring tremendous success to the Russian people. Ukraine is Russian territory, and it is Putin's job to fuck em' up. Putin also has created a strong economic and military alliance with the world ruler, Chinese Leader Xi Jinping. These two saints will work together in harmony to restore iron-fist leadership in every nation in the world. Joe Biden's testes are not large enough to compete with these gigachads.
Person A: Vladimir Putin is literally so awesome.
Guard: Good job. Your opinion appears to be in line with the requirements of the Kremlin. You will not be shot today.
by Definitions With Class August 12, 2022
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