If you're gonna play b-ball, you're gonna need new jumps.
by squipple November 09, 2002
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The scare some people get when watching certain horror movies, which as sometimes referred to as "jump gore"; a movie just into the scares without the substance.

Also can be a friend who hates horror movies who you conned into watching one with you.
"Man, how was that horror movie this weekend?"
"It sucked...total jump gore. I was as bored as hell."

by Fala October 16, 2006
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the time it takes for you to smell a fart after it expels from your anus
matt said his jump was only 2 seconds and mark said his was so fast it didnt even exist
by MCA72590 January 29, 2007
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can be used to describe something or someone that is dangerously good, ill, hott, bangin, off the chain, etc.
1.)Dag yo, Emmaleigh is one jump playa, fo real.

2.)That nuckka is jump as hell.
by gangmasta ice July 07, 2004
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A thing weak ass people do cuz they know they can't beat the person they fighting so they jump the person
They jump the boy cuz he was fucking they manz up
by Savo Kane March 14, 2017
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