Jumps Are Females Between The Ages of 17 To 24 Who Love Drinking,Partying,Smoking ,And Jump Guy To Guy
" Holy Shit! The Jumps! Look They're Right There On The Corner"
by Joe Roman January 13, 2009
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to have sex with, either pre or posthumously
man i'd like to jump those bones
by krickle kutz October 07, 2003
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wigida wigida wigida what! Jump! Jump
by ThisIsDCG November 09, 2011
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a surprised attack by a large group of peeps apone a smaller groups of peeps
Homie see thoses fags over there? the short one fucked my gurl, lets jump those bitches
by Cricket October 27, 2003
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To use your legs to launch you off the ground, used to reach higher places
I can jump 2 feet into the air, then i kick my legs around. like Luigi
by your best idiot March 28, 2010
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