a large girl at least 250-300lbs
man she is a jumbo. she has like 2 career choices, she could either go into pro wrestling like sumo, or she could go on a diet
by b6trde5fghkl May 19, 2010
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A super cheap airline ticket, usually occurring when an airline leaves a zero off a price, or prices a ticket in Yen instead of US Dollars.
Alitalia had one of the best Jumbo's in 2006 when they sold a business class ticket Toronto-Cypress for only $33, plus tax! It was supposed to be more than 100 times more expensive.
by Jaimito February 01, 2008
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An adjective that describes something that, in certain angles, looks really big or HUGE, but in real life it’s actually really small.
Rolands penis is JUMBO! I was really dissapointed about that..
Stacy : β€œ Yesterday i bought these watermelon Jumbo squishies!”
Aneth: β€œ OMG i love a good squishy!! How bog was it?”
Stacy: β€œWell, it was supposed to be 30cm large but it was only 5cm, just like the normal sized squishies.”
by Johny Doee June 29, 2018
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When you dont have a complete hard on but just a semi hard, and you have a jumbo dick.
Matt: Dude, im jumbo right now
Joe: Holy shit dude i can tell
by Jewel Natural Spring Water October 25, 2009
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