spanish (argentina)
means "fright"
- boo!
- oh! what a julepe! you soab
by Garethfc September 22, 2007
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A soft, sweet, sensible cherub soul who just makes you smile for their simple state of being.
Matt should have been pissed when that guy hit his car, but he just gave him an insightful pep talk and sent him on his way. What a fuzzy little julep!
by Limited_Edition April 1, 2016
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An alcoholic beverage comprised of bottom of the shelf liquor mixed with Scope.
Pass me that sneaky julep before the railroad cops find us!
by Guitarmakerx July 26, 2017
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An alcoholic drink made of bourbon, whiskey or sometimes brandy or rum, sugar, crushed mint leaves, and shaved ice. Really, any alcohol would probably do, as long as it gets you a buzz. Right? Its a classic southern beverage, but during the american Prohibition era it was everywhere.
Charise sat out on the porch one hot evening and sipped her mint julep lightly
by MasterGrief April 27, 2005
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