Son of a bitch. A person who is a fking doublecrosser and spews nonsense everytime he speaks. Also they have pouted lips and a stuck up haughty face. Soabs are also known to have ultra -big egos despite their fuck faces. They also like to flirt with girls with their extremely ulgy appearance.
Soab: " Hey you know i have this super duper hot girlfriend and she gives extreme blowjobs and im so horny that i could cum right now"
Mature guy: " Fuck off dude youre peeing in your pants"
by elure September 7, 2011
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<Shooter> Hei SOAB
<barichello> what does it mean?
<Shooter> SON OF A BITCH
<barichello> ROFL ~~~
by ShooterBZ October 15, 2008
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Grand_Reborn is a soab
by tande32 October 1, 2007
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This SOAB keeps messing with me. If he doesn't leave me the fuck alone, I'll have to teach him a lesson.
by iETHAN July 4, 2011
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dude you know he stole your money right?
by QthaGreat February 15, 2009
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