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A juggahater is a productive, contributing member of society. They are recognized as disliking juggalos and juggalettes who are objectively acknowledged as members that inhabit the lowest echelons of the human feeding chain.

Unlike its antonyms, juggalo and juggalette, juggahaters can be potentially good-looking but may not necessarily be so.
Juggalo: "society is dark and fucked up. fuck the world."
Juggahater: "get a grip you whiny ass juggalo."
by axedisasta July 22, 2009
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The only sensible people on Earth, hating all things evil and retarded (Juggalos/Juggalettes)
-Man im a juggalo fo life!!1 ICP!

-Fuck you you retarded poser monkey. Im a juggahater *burns juggalo on a stake*
by Juggalosaregay April 07, 2009
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A person that recognizes the hypocrisies of Juggalos and Juggalettes and disapproves greatly.
"I'm going to call myself a Juggalette so that everyone knows that I don't care what they think of me. And since I care so little about their thoughts of me and my fam... I'll kick their juggahater ass if they talk smack. We have to stick together... or I'll just be an average person again that doesn't fit in anywhere. I'm tired of not fitting in. Damn I'm lonely."
by Juggahater December 07, 2008
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Someone who strongly dislikes Insane Clown Posse, and bashes anyone who does.
Juggahater: You have a terrible taste in music.
Juggalo(ette): What? Cause' you don't like them doesnt mean they suck.
by Lovelytoes December 12, 2006
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Hater (Player hater) of Juggalo's (ICP fans)
"Dude that speaker was a strait up Juggahater he knew nothing bout' the hatchet"
by Savoy April 11, 2005
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