juged a word that means "hang" with someone/other people
by EDGD_MainG_EDGD March 21, 2018
a good hard penis a gurl would love
i gave her that good juge last nite son
by GUTTA_TEE April 21, 2006
A great friend, awesome loan officer, and perfect husband and father.
"That John Juge, he got us a great rate on our refi"

"John Juge is such a good father and husband, his family is lucky to have him".
by JonnyChimpo69 March 29, 2010
She is the best mom you'll ever have and she will be mean sometimes but still loves her children and might be a little overprotective
Children:mom your the best mom in the world
Jugelis:thank you,your the best kids I had ever made
by Jojopeguero101 December 27, 2018