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Born Juan Esteban Aristizabal.

Internationally famous Columbian pop singer known for his socially conscious lyrics, catchy songs, and incredibly hot appearance.

Currently has three albums:
Fijate Bien
Un Dia Normal
Mi Sangre

Famous for his hit single "A Dios Le Pido"
"Did you hear the new Juanes song on the radio?"

"Uh, yeah. I totally went to the concert."
by kurai March 21, 2005
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A Juané is a very sweet girl.She is kind,caring,loving and true to herself and those closest to her. She is a loyal friend and can sometimes tend to be super moody.
Juané always has her days but don’t underestimate her power to fool you with an “i’m an okay”,if you’re close to her you can tell everything is indeed not as okay as it seems. A Juané is someone you need to keep close to heart,you will never find a friend/ girlfriend quite like her, she is amazing!A friendship of 12 years is not something to risk over pride and ego
Even if you know your wrong but refuse to say she’s right don’t be a stubborn jackass tell her she’s right and you’re sorry. Love her dearly.A Juané is someone you need to have as your best friend

Girl1: omg look it’s Juané, she’s so nice
Girl2: lets go be friends with her


Guy: look at Juané shes so hot
by Bitchrebel August 25, 2018
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