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That oblivious and forgetful blue blob with a long tongue from Kirby...
Gooey: My name? Gooey? Maybe?
by amogusamoguseverywhere July 6, 2021
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A species of human-sized anthropomorphic dinosaurs that first appeared in Super Mario World (1990). Each of them have an extended tongue that is capable of eating enemies and turning them into eggs. They can be mounted on and become their companion, who is usually Mario. A running gag is that when a rider decides to jump at a platform far away, he/she will dismount his/her Yoshi to make a distance advantage, making the Yoshi fall into oblivion. The Yoshis also have been committing tax fraud since 2016 (which is a dead meme).
by amogusamoguseverywhere December 10, 2021
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A Smash Bros/Final Fantasy pun. Sephiroth, who is the 9th DLC fighter in SSBU and comes from Final Fantasy series, is supposed to say "despair" but it sounds like "dis pear" (or "this pear")
Sephiroth: Shall I give you dis pear?
by amogusamoguseverywhere June 11, 2021
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A horse sitting on a balcony that became a meme. (and tbh I don't understand it)
by amogusamoguseverywhere June 15, 2021
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A joke that you would make if you found something disturbing, mainly R34 or cursed images.
Someone: *sees p0rn* OH HELL NO, someone pass me the eye bleach!
by amogusamoguseverywhere January 7, 2022
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A viral rant about an overabundance of Among Us memes recorded by TikTok user biggayrapper, recorded in February 21st. (Know Your Meme)
STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US! I'M TIRED OF SEEING IT! My friends on TikTok send me memes, on Discord it's ****ing memes. I was in a server, right? And ALL OF THE CHANNELS are just Among Us stuff. I-I show my Champion underwear to my girlfriend, and the logo I flip it and I said: "Hey babe, when the underwear sus! Haha! Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!". I ****ing looked at the trash can and I said: "That's a bit sussy!". I look at my pen**, I think of the astronaut's helmet, and I go: "Pen**??? More like PENSUS!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
by amogusamoguseverywhere May 12, 2021
When you find that Paper Mario: The Origami King has the same shitty mechanics like Sticker Star and Color Splash.
A: Hey, have you played Paper Mario: The Origami King yet?
B: You mean "Paper Mario: Sticker Star 3"? Nope, that games sucks just like its predecessors!
by amogusamoguseverywhere May 16, 2021
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