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Juan is a attractive cute boy.His good looks make you go crazy for him.He loves telling you how much he loves you and misses you each day.He will kill a nigga for you.He makes you think that dating him is too good to be true.He takes hours to answer which give you serious trust issues and kills you inside.But you know you can’t breakup with him because you love him dearly or maybe you just like him a lot.
Juan makes me feel butterflies in my stomach or maybe that’s just pain I feel cause I can’t stop thinking about him maybe cheating on me
by BeeBunkBoi July 1, 2018
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What I say when my Bestfriend wanna be a goofy ass mf and treat me wrong:(
Irlanda(My Bestfriend): Girl ima go check Niko’a message
Me:Wow you’re going to leave me on paused on ft
Irlanda:I will just check it fast
Irlanda:I’ll be backkkk
Me:Bich bye!
by BeeBunkBoi July 1, 2018
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He thinks his hot and has a huge cock.His a funny guy,will make you care for him.But will just end up using you and forgetting about you when he gets more female friends.A total fuck boy,likes exposing people.
Jeremy totally used me,what a fako ass
by BeeBunkBoi July 1, 2018
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When you get told some shit you already knew or just a cool way to say wow .Btw I like saying wowsers cause it annoys my friends
Alexa I just bought a hamburger

by BeeBunkBoi July 1, 2018
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