noun. sing. (plur. preparties)
Before going out to a club or concert where you know the alcohol is going to be expensive, you meet up at someone's house to have a few drinks, usually in a short period of time, so that you arrive at the event properly buzzed, or even somewhat tanked.

verb. to preparty

The action of partaking in a preparty.

"Who's house is the preparty being held at?"

"Hey, who's house are we going to preparty at?"
by marcinm April 28, 2006
The party that comes before the main event.

To have an afterparty before the actual party begins.

Preparties usually involve getting drunk and preparing oneself for the party to come. By the time the people get to the party they are already messed up and having fun.

Preparties often turn into small parties themselves.

The preparty is the appetizer to the main course.

It can be used as a verb or a noun.
Verb: the act of going to a preparty, or participating in a preparty.
Noun: the preparty itself, the event before the party
Don: What time are you going to gia's party?
Mike: I am not sure yet. I was gonna go over to Jake's house to preparty a little and then I was gonna head out after.

Daniel: Where's the preparty tonight?
Liz: I was planning on prepartying at Jake's.
by Dedani January 5, 2007
That awful you feeling you have when you know you will be going out/to a party/social event later on in the day. Characterised by awful boredom and a feeling that time is going far more slowly than usual.
Person 1: Fancy going out into town tonight?
Person 2: Ok

*3 hours later*

Person 1: *Looks at clock again* Damn still got another 2 hours before I go out, damn this PREPARTY BOREDOM!!!!!!
by C Ron Goo June 25, 2010