The violent shaking of one's head side-to-side in order to obtain a photograph of one's face distorted from the intense side-to-side motion.
Dude! I'm feeling kinda dizzy from all the jowling I did today.
by Jeffry C. September 17, 2006
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the extra sag of skin found underneath an old woman chin, usually covered with little hairs.
Mrs. Heardman's jowls make me giggle.
by Johnnyfierce February 1, 2010
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1.) Loosen all of the muscles in your face and refrain from making any expression.
2.) Try to keep your eyes and mouth open.
3.) Shake your head from side to side as quickly as possible while the picture is being taken.

Make sure to use a digital camera with a flash in order to capture the jowler in freeze frame!

* For better results, make crazy noises with your mouth while shaking. Do weird stuff with your eyes.

Now that you've got your Jowl picture, upload that sucker to Once your Jowler image had been aproved (normally pretty fast) you can sit back and watch the rankings and comments roll in on your image.
Shake Face.... Shake-Shake..... Take picture... JOWL
by josh carrico October 6, 2005
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well, me and my tae - kwon - do friends use it as another name for balls and or testicles
holy frikin crap!!!!!!! i just got kicked in the jowls!!!!!!
by blackbeltsep11 June 13, 2011
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The unsolicited or uncomfortable attack of a person or animals lips or appendages upon ones jowls
after a bros night out i was chased around the apartment and pinned down only to be jowl raped by another man
by el primer capitan February 1, 2013
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