pronounced hote(s). Refering to someone as gay in a friendly manner, usually someone you know that you can joke around with. From the Spanish word joto (gay).
What's up, jote(s)?
Soooo, how long you been a jote?
Do your parents know you're a jote?
by superstar600 November 23, 2008
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Adjective. in Chilean Spanish it refers to a person that seduces or flirts with many people. A Jote is a bird of prey, so the word comes from that. Could be similiar to Casanova, Gallant, Romeo, Prince Charming, etc.
by CHILEAN HOE. June 07, 2016
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A word that seems perfectly reasonable when playing scrabble. Especially when trying to form BONER
"Is Jote a word?"
by canchop October 15, 2009
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verb. The act of beginning to type out a comment over AIM, only to stop and delete it. Joting often annoys and frustrates the person on other end of the computer screen, for he knows that his counterpart opted out of his original thought. The awesomeness of "jote" is magnified when one realizes how dirty it seems to anyone who does not know its definition.
You made me jote twice!

I saw you jote a few times before you finally sent that.

I just joted.

I'm exhausted; I was joting all day yesterday...
by Madgamer107 February 18, 2009
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This word has the power to mean WHATEVER you want it to mean. It can have a positive or negative connotation; it can be an adjective, adverb, verb, noun, preposition, etc. Jote can also replace the 'F' word.
lara ally florg
That in-line skater is jotingly jotable when he's a joting joter that non-jotingly jotes jote-iciously.
by Ally October 25, 2004
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the act of gang raping or "gang banging"; illegal; derogatory term describing a rape from multiple attackers.
"i'ma go jote that girl over there with my gang.."
by darrellcratsky March 12, 2010
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