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Joselyne's are unique, sweet, and loving. They are joyous and love to have fun. Hobbies include sports, dancing, music and traveling. Their faith plays an important role in their lives.
by kitkat_bar January 18, 2009
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Joselyne is a GORGEOUS girl, she is a Latina with an amazing body, when she sees someone staring at her she tells her best friends and confront him and as why. Joselyne is beautiful,smart,unique,talented, Sexy, and very attractive. Every time you see a Joselyne be her friend right away.
Boy 1: Woah do you see that girl who is she Boy 2: that's a joselyne BE HER FRIEND NOW Boy 1: yeah that obviously what I was going for except I wanna be more than friends she's hot!
by XxExclusive_GirlxX June 19, 2018
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Is an mexican she’s a amazing and caring person, she loves her friends and her family, when someone needs her she’ll be there, she spends most of her time playing video games. Most of her hobbies include socializing with her friends.
by Josiiii February 25, 2019
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